Answer to Daniel’s questions

USbombsDaniel from David Douglas School District in Portland OR wrote:
Marsha, I am a big fan of the book you wrote, “Making bombs for Hitler” and, I hope you continue to make great books. Some questions that I have for you are: What inspired you to make a book about World War II? Will you be making a sequel to the book “Making bombs for Hitler”? And how long did it take you to write “Making bombs for Hitler”? In conclusion I hope you respond to these questions.

Dear Daniel,  Thanks so much for your email. I tried to respond but your message bounced. I’m delighted that you’re a fan of Making Bombs for Hitler. I have written 20 books and some of them may be available from your local library. There will be a sequel to Making Bombs coming out next year with Scholastic. It will be from Luka’s point of view. The following year, a third book will be published, told from Larissa’s point of view. It took me a couple of years to do the research for Bombs, then 6 months of solid writing, then a year of editing, rewriting, and revision. I was inspired to write Lida’s story because I met people who had lived through the war just like she had yet I’d never seen their stories in a book. All the best, Marsha

Author: Marsha

I write historical fiction, mostly from the perspective of young people who are thrust in the midst of war.