Writing YA books about the Armenian Genocide

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Interview with Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch: Dance of the Banished and the Armenian Genocide

Posted on April 23rd, 2015 by pajamapress

On April 24, 2015, Armenians around the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, a systematic campaign by Turkish leaders in the Ottoman Empire to remove the empire’s Christian Armenian population. As evidenced by recent headlines, the subject is controversial today because the Turkish government denies that these deportations and killings can be labelled “genocide.” Continue reading “Writing YA books about the Armenian Genocide”

Melanie Fishbane’s Dance of the Banished interview

Thank you, Melanie, for this great interview!

An Interview with Marsha Skrypuch


Dance Of The Banished coverMarsha Skrypuch and I have a history.

It makes sense because we both write and care about history–particularly stories where there has been injustice. I believe that we are humanitarians, who hope that our stories of the past will resonate with the present, bringing awareness about people who have for–one reason or another–been silenced. Continue reading “Melanie Fishbane’s Dance of the Banished interview”

MYRCA and Marsha

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October 2, 2014
By Colette
myrca2014-028 On September 26th 2014,the MANITOBA YOUNG READER’S CHOICE AWARD was presented to Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch for her novel Making Bombs for Hitler.  The award was presented at a special ceremony held at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, with hundreds of kids in attendnace.  Marsha was selected by Manitoban tweens who had read at least 5 books from the nominated list.


Students and fans gathered to hear Marsha Continue reading “MYRCA and Marsha”

An interview about Dance of the Banished, why I write, and my interned grandfather

Thank you, Derrick Grose and School Libraries in Canada for this fabulous interview:


Oliver Twist had a story!


Marsha Skrypuch
“my books allow me to be
the voice of those whose
stories have been suppressed”

Marsha Skrypuch with student sign carrier in Thunder Bay May, 2013.

Marsha Skrypuch was born in Brantford, Ontario, on December 12, 1954 Continue reading “An interview about Dance of the Banished, why I write, and my interned grandfather”

Fiction, Non-fiction and Narrative Non-fiction

by Marsha Skrypuch

this was originally posted on Brenda Kearns’ blog here.

Most people will say that fiction is fake and non-fiction is true, but have you ever had a news article written about yourself or a topic you’re very familiar with? Was it 100% accurate? Not likely!

Yet news articles are supposed to be non-fiction. Ditto for textbooks. They’re filled with facts and figures that are based on suppositions of the time but that doesn’t make them true. Continue reading “Fiction, Non-fiction and Narrative Non-fiction”