Daughter of War interview

daughter-of-warThis interview used to be available on the Chapters-Indigo site, but it was recently removed, so I am posting it here:

Interview Questions for Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch by Melanie Fishbane for Indigo.ca

1)      How is Daughter of War different from its predecessors, The Hunger and Nobody’s Child?

Daughter of War begins where the other two novels leave off. At the end of Nobody’s Child, Marta is pregnant, but we don’t know who the father is and we also don’t know if she and Kevork will get back together. Worse, even if they do get back together, how will Kevork react when he finds out that she is pregnant with another man’s child?
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Open Book interview with Marsha Skrypuch

Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch is the award-winning author of historical fiction, nonfiction and picture books for children and young adults. Pajama Press has just released her new book, One Step at a Time: A Vietnamese Child Finds Her Way, which continues the true story of Tuyet, Continue reading “Open Book interview with Marsha Skrypuch”