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Brantford ON, Writers’ Union Member. fiction & NF, 2X Silver Birch winner. Multi awards. All ages.

SKYPE: 20 to 60 minutes
Canada: $150 plus HST

For in-person visits:

Canadian venues: $400 plus HST for 1 session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3 and $1000 for 4, + travel.

Marsha is an experienced and passionate presenter who tailors each presentation to the group in front of her. She can do up to four presentations in the same school or area in a day. As the author of picture books, middle grade novels, narrative non-fiction and YA novels, she routinely presents to an entire school over the course of a day. She also loves speaking to adult groups, family literacy events and she loves loves loves giving writing workshops.

Presentations by grade

Marsha is an extremely flexible presenter. No two groups are ever the same and no two of her presentations are ever the same. She likes to have a conversation with the audience rather than stand up there like a talking head. For most presentations, she works in why she thought kids’ books were evil when she was a kid herself, and how she finally learned to read. Marsha talks about why she writes on topics that have been ignored by others and why she considers herself a librarian/detective.

Marsha has recently developed an interactive discussion workshop for students in grade 5 to 12 called The History of Fake News: stunning examples from the past and present plus techniques for detecting it and immunizing against it.

Here is an example of her themes by grade:


JK to 2: two 30 minute storytelling sessions for the price of one full session ($400+HST) using When Mama Goes To Work.



adrift2 to 4: 45 to 60 minutes: Storytelling session plus Q&A on topic/book of your choice. (Adrift at Sea, Enough, Silver Threads, Airlift and Aram books work well)


4 to 8: The majority of Marsha’s books are for this age group. 45 to 60 minutes. Includes how she transformed herself from a non-reader into a writer, how she does research, historical background on the books of your choice. Writing tips and Q&A are worked in.

Don't Tell the Enemy CVR

Marsha’s brand new WWII novel was just released to rave reviews. It was innspired by the true story of one Ukrainian girl and her mother who hid three Jewish friends under their kitchen floor during the Holocaust.

Marsha talks about the real people behind the story, how she does her research (and the new stuff she learned) and why it is important to tell the stories of real people who lived in the past.



Stolen Child/Making Bombs For Hitler/Underground Soldier: bullying, World War II, immigration, coming to Canada, slavery, racism. Living in the 1940s and 1950s.

WWI, WWI internment operations in Canada, immigration, bullying, racism, living in 1914. Marsha has written three books on WWI internment and can speak to all age groups on the topic.

Last Airlift/One Step At A Time: Vietnam war, fall of Saigon, orphans, polio, hospitals, living with a disability, English as a second language, immigration, racism, living in 1975.

7 to 12: Marsha has five YA novels, her Armenian Genocide trilogy, The Hunger/Nobody’s Child/Daughter of War, plus a stand-alone WWII novel, Hope’s War, and her WWI novel, Dance of the Banished.

Secondary and adult groups:

Young refugees and war survivors cope by keeping silent. But if we don’t hear their stories, how can we ensure that these injustices aren’t repeated? Over the years, many refugees and survivors have shared their experiences with Marsha, trusting her to tell the stories they find too painful to write themselves. Her scrupulously researched stories range from young refugees from both World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Armenian Genocide and Soviet terror.

In this session, Marsha discusses the real people and in-depth research behind her newest book, Don’t Tell the Enemy, inspired by the true story of a Ukrainian girl and her mother who hide three Jewish friends under their kitchen floor during the Holocaust. Marsha also talks about Tuan, the real boy who escaped Vietnam with his mother and sisters by rickety boat.

Marsha talks about the delicate balance between memory and archival research. She also shares the effect her books have on the people and communities she writes about, as well as their effect on readers – and on herself.


Maximum group sizes for presentations: 45 for JK to 3. 100+ for everyone else.

Writing Workshops work best with 16 or so participants

Writing Workshop Topics:

Teaching fun self-editing techniques to students in grades 4 to 12.
How to assist gifted student writers (of any age) without tearing your hair out in frustration.
Techniques for punching through writer’s block.
Grade 12 Writers’ Craft
Other topics upon request.

All Venues, library preferred.

Equipment required: A glass of water, lunch (egg salad sandwich on brown bread) if she’s staying for the day. A table to spread her things out on. A microphone for larger groups or in the gym, or if the room acoustics are questionable. A screen and projector for power-point.

Virtual Visits: $150 plus HST, 20 to 60 minutes, Skype. For US venues, $150, by check or wire.

Please note: Her surname is pronounced SKRIPP-ick.

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