Are you looking for my online crit group called Kidcrit? Here’s the link.

Kidcrit is open to anyone who has completed at least a first draft of a book. This is a free online critique group that has seen many of its members become published over the years. It’s easy to join, but takes effort to stay in because I will kick you out if you don’t participate fully. When you first join, you are obliged to introduce yourself, and then give three crits. After that, you can post your own first chapter or short selection for feedback. From then on, all you have to do is post a crit about once a week, and continue to post your own work.

When you join, be sure to use your real name, not a pen name. For example, if your name is John Jones, your kidcrit sign in name should be exactly: John Jones.

We used to be just for kids’ lit, but we’ve branched out. A bunch of us seem to get together about once a year. That’s what those pictures are.

See you down the bunny hole!