Parish Internees

St. Michael’s Parish during WWI

Marsha Skrypuch

Within weeks of Canada entering World War I against Germany and Austria-Hungary on August 6, 1914, our federal government brought into force the War Measures Act, tightening the grip on immigrants from enemy countries. Federal officials were given sweeping powers to decide whom to arrest, deport or incarcerate, and whose property they would expropriate and sell. Continue reading “Parish Internees”

Melanie Fishbane’s Dance of the Banished interview

Thank you, Melanie, for this great interview!

An Interview with Marsha Skrypuch


Dance Of The Banished coverMarsha Skrypuch and I have a history.

It makes sense because we both write and care about history–particularly stories where there has been injustice. I believe that we are humanitarians, who hope that our stories of the past will resonate with the present, bringing awareness about people who have for–one reason or another–been silenced. Continue reading “Melanie Fishbane’s Dance of the Banished interview”