No Time to Write

I have often heard people tell me that they don’t have time to write. I have news for you. NO ONE has time to write. In fact, if you took six months off from work with nothing else to do except write, I suspect you’d get nothing written.

Career writers incorporate small writing chunks into everyday life.

Here are some tips for squeezing in writing despite a heavy schedule:

  1. Leave the work-in-progress open on your screen at all times.
  2. Work on it in small increments. If you have only enough time for a paragraph, that’s fine.
  3. Multi-task — I have a desktop built onto a treadmill in the basement so I can write and walk at the same time. When I go to the gym, I bring a book, either to read for pleasure, for a review, or for research. Doesn’t work on the weight training days, but it’s a great way to not notice how long you spend on the stairclimber, elliptical or bike.
  4. Either go to bed after everyone else or get up before everyone else. Those quiet times give you writing chunks.
  5. Write on the weekend. Write at soccer practice, in waiting rooms, on the bus, in the airport, on holidays.
  6. Revise copiously in your head so when you finally have a chance to get it on paper, it’s more polished than an early draft.
  7. If you get painted into a corner on one manuscript, pull out another and work on it. Switching back and forth can prime your creativity on both stories.